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what it means to Train with tempo

What’s up guys! Welcome to another edition of Thoughtful Thursday where we talk about training, technique, and other thoughts about fitness, and how to maximize the time you spend training. Today I am so excited to share with you the mission and training philosophy of TEMPO training and performance so that you can understand what our training plans are based on and how they help you to maximize your training so that you can get the results you want without sacrificing time with the things that matter most to you!

So to explain our training philosophy I’m going to provide a little acronym that is easy to remember. It’s really simple, when you train, train with TEMPO. TEMPO stands for Targeted, Endurance, Movements for, Performance, Optimization. That’s what we do here and that’s what I want all of you to start thinking about in your training. Is this what your goal is with every workout? Does every workout have a targeted movement that is getting you closer to a goal? Or are you just moving around and getting a little sweaty with no real purpose just to cross something off your list?


Guys, this one is probably the most important out of all the elements of your training. Targeted training means that every training session, repetition, and movement you do should have a specific purpose and goal that it is moving you towards. It should also be a target that is specific to you, your abilities, and your goals. You can’t expect to use someone else’s target and get the results YOU want? That’s why every workout and rep has to be performed with your abilities and goals in mind. IF you want to achieve YOUR goals, you need to have workouts and intensities that are specific to YOU and where YOU want to go!


Endurance refers to your ability to consistently stay the course during difficult times and circumstances. As people, we need to have good endurance in all areas of life, but for running and triathlons this is incredibly important. Without good endurance, our body quickly breaks down leaving us unable to accomplish the things we want to accomplish. The tricky thing about endurance though, is that to get more of it we have to consistently test our limits. We get more endurance by putting ourselves in situations that require endurance and allowing ourselves to suffer through the struggle so that we can come out stronger on the other side. In training we do that through increasing the intensity in workouts and maintaining that effort all the way through each rep, each mile, and eventually each race as we continually improve our physical and mental ability to endure difficult and painful circumstances.


It sounds simple, but in order to get better at something you have to actually do it. We’ve all heard the phrase before, practice makes perfect. While this expression is often quoted for its many flaws and adaptations, its main premise rings true. In order to get better at something, you have to do that something A LOT of times. It is through this frequent repetition that our brain and body adapt to what it is we are asking it to do. At TEMPO training, we believe it is highly important to implement the specifics of our goals into our training so that our body is practicing the movements we want it to do so that you are prepared as possible for your race. A few examples are implementing hills, weather conditions, and even race tactics in training in order to prepare our body specifically for whatever race, course, and conditions are expected on race day.


Its no surprise that most people who race are often looking improve their performance. That’s why they put in the long hours and hard work of training and what makes all the pain worth the effort. At Tempo Training, we work hard to help you improve your race performance, but the reality is for those of us who are professional endurance athletes, its not the most important thing. For most of us spending time with our family, significant other, and friends is what we value most and for our performance with those people to be the best it can be. By using the points already discussed to guide your training, I believe you can truly have the best performance possible in both of these areas. With targeted, endurance movements, you will be able to improve your athletic performance as well as your ability to be present and engaged with the people that mean the most to you.


This is what we at TEMPO Training and Performance are all about. We want you to have optimization in all areas of your life. We want you to be successful at your job, have a great family life, be healthy, and have the best race performances you can! I can personally say that as I learned to dial in my training, I found massive improvements in all areas of my life. It wasn’t without set backs of course, but as a whole, I was seeing improvements in my strength, endurance, focus, energy levels, and my overall demeanor was changing. The improvements I experienced were so powerful that I wanted to share them with as many people as possible in order to see their lives changed for the better.

That’s what training with TEMPO is all about. Using Targeted Endurance Movements for Performance Optimization. I hope you guys found this post helpful and I look forward to training with y’all soon! Until then, follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram at Tempo Training and Performance for helpful tips to MAKE EVERY SECOND COUNT!

Until next time,






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