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What is Tempo Training and Performance?


Tempo Training and Performance is a company dedicated to improving your physical performance in both sport and life. We do this by providing targeted, personalized plans that allow you to reach your goals without any wasted effort. Our plans allow you to get maximum results without sacrificing time for work, family, and friends. If you are looking to improve your performance without sacrificing the things that are most important to you, let the experts at Tempo Training and Performance help you make every second count! 



I knew I wanted to take my training to the next level in preparation an upcoming Olympic Triathlon, but I didn't know how. Caleb developed a detailed training plan that was specific to my goals, my current training level, and fit into my busy schedule. Caleb is always receptive to my input for the focus of training, responsive to any questions I have, and a source of support and accountability through Strava. Having this plan has pushed me harder in my training to reach the next level and provided a framework for fitness and success. I can't wait to compete in a month and know that I am in the best shape possible! 


Caleb made a 8 week half marathon training schedule for me. It was a great training program for my first half marathon! Caleb tailored the training to my schedule and fit the running workouts in so they wouldn’t disrupt my current schedule. I ran a great half marathon and was very proud of my time! Overall, the half marathon training was a success and I don’t think I could have done it without Caleb!

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